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Maintain Granite Kitchen Cabinets
Read: 1711   Add Time: 2016-06-04

Maintain Granite Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets account for a large amount of any remodeling budget and make up a large portion of the kitchen. They also get lots of daily use. Taking care of cabinets protects your investment and keeps your kitchen looking great. Regular cabinet maintenance keeps the wood looking new and protects it from damage. Investing a little time from the beginning can save you more extensive work and money in the long run.

Instructions as follows:

Firstly, wipe down the kitchen cabinets with a damp cloth two to three times a week. This removes the dirt, grime and grease that naturally accumulates on the cabinets. Use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the surface. Warm water mixed with a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid helps to cut the grease. Dry the cabinets with a soft towel.

Secondly, wipe away any spills on the cabinets immediately. Don't give the liquid time to soak into the wood, which may cause damage. Spills can also stain the wood.

Thirdly, keep dish towels and dishcloths off of the cabinet doors. It is tempting to drape towels over cabinet doors, but the moisture from the towels can damage the wood.

Fourthly, close the cabinet doors carefully. They open and close frequently, so being gentle with the doors helps to keep them in good shape.

Fifthly, keep the contents of kitchen cabinet drawers to a minimum. Avoid overfilling the drawers, because the weight of the contents can hurt the drawers. Overfilled drawers are also likely to get caught while opening or closing them.