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Protect a Granite Countertop
Read: 1599   Add Time: 2016-06-04

Protect a Granite Countertop

Granite countertops are often the biggest upgrade you can make to a home's kitchen. If you take good care of granite countertops, they can last for decades and still look just as polished and beautiful as the day they were installed. These countertops come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit the decorative tastes of any homeowner. The granite in your countertops may easily be the oldest and most durable substance in your home, but special precautions must still be taken to protect it from damage.
Instructions as follows:
Firstly, ensure that your cabinetry is well built and has sturdy framing that is properly connected to the wall. Granite can break if dropped, and if your cabinet frames are not sturdy enough to support the granite it may crush the cabinets at any time. This could result in injury and will almost certainly leave you with a high repair bill.
Secondly, apply a high-quality granite sealer to the countertops. This should be done when the granite is completely dry. Buff the sealer with a rough cloth once it dries. Sealer serves not only to enhance the shine of the granite, but to give it added protection from stains.
Thirdly, wipe up spills immediately. Granite is a porous rock and thus absorbs moisture. Even granite countertops that have been properly sealed will succumb to moisture and staining if a substance is left to sit on the surface of the granite for an extended period of time.
Fourthly, clean granite regularly with a mild antibacterial cleanser. Caustic and abrasive chemicals can eat away at the sealant, leaving the granite more susceptible to damage.
Fifthly, use a cutting board or wax paper to protect your granite whenever you plan to cook with oils. Oily foods will stain granite regardless of whether or not it has been properly sealed. Oil stains are very difficult to remove.