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The difficulties in front of Fujian granite exportation
Read: 1652   Add Time: 2017-03-04

The difficulties in front of Fujian granite exportation

Fujian granite products export was set to decline 10-15 percent for 2013, as a large number of granite quarries and processing units have been shut due to the shortage of granite block.

In early 2009, G603 quarry in Jinjiang was the first which was closed by the force of government, almost all the factories have been closed, yet G603 is the granite that can best represent Fujian even China due to its low price and modest colour. Most of coutries in the world have ever imported or used 603 products.

“Due to the enforcement of strict environmental laws in China, the existing granite quarry licences have not been renewed. One of the large granite processing products manufacturer in Shuitou shut his factory recently. The granite mining is facing several restrictions from the Quanzhou and Fujian governments,” said Liu Xian, the General manager of CWS granite slabs manufacturer.

He said,“Since the mining of stone quarry affects Fujian envirement seriously, and Fujian economy is becoming more and more prosperous, stone factories don't need to earn money by polltion industry like quarry mining and stone processing.

Of course, government also encourage transconformatio, like CWS Wanlong, this company has turn to other province or foreign coutries to buy block to produce slabs.

Liu Xian advice, "Encouraging the import of stone blocks can reduce cost and promote employment rate, for example, if we permit the import of finished goods the country loses $80 a square metre, whereas if we import rough dimensional blocks, we have to pay $23 a square metre. To improve the current account deficit, it is necessary to permit the import of rough blocks than permitting the import of finished goods .”

Presently, over 2000 companies import stone block to process and sell in China domestic. Compared with shutting up of granite production base which has the most granite in China, although the import volumn is increasing, many factories and importers is facing the crisis of suspending business for rectification and transconformation. According to incomplete statistics, over 100000 factories for all kinds of stone in fujian have their stone blocks from Fujian own quarries like G603, G682, G654 and other granite type started with 6.

Now G664 is closing gradually, it is hard to buy G682 products, 654 is going to be closed in 2017, estimately in 2020, all granite quarry will be closed in Fujian.

Without doubt, the decline of export rate is associated with stagnant overseas economy and inflation of prices and salary.